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DAX Future signals. Trading signals and trading support for the DAX Future of Senior Trader Karsten Kagels

Forex trading signals. "With our Forex signals also now you can make regular profits!" Delivery of signals via e-mail between 9 and 10 AM.

CFD trading signals. Trading signals for stocks and Index CFD Trader

Gold and silver stocks report. Winning trades signals for the main gold and silver stocks

Trading secrets for beginners.

The Binary Option course. With the right information to Trading Success

Carry Invest Premium Service. Carry Invest provides analysis and tools to active traders to find a real market advantage

Profitrader24. Banking insider know-how from practice

Forex currency trading strategies from years of trading experience

Simplified Trading. Benefit from the market experts Carsten Province

Forex "Back to the roots" Concepts

JETSET Trader System of professional traders and business mathematics Markus Noack and Elmar Bluhm

CFD Forex Course - Trading Education. All areas of trade in this unique leverage products

Gains with shares! Top stocks for your portfolio and Top Trading Depot. Chart analysis, update every depot share and advice to market

Trader Academy. A completely empty Total trading strategy to be applied in all major asset classes like stocks, futures, CFD's or the Forex market

Mental Training for day traders. To achieve better trading results.

Forex Trading. The most effective and best strategies for Forex Trading

Forex & DAX signals from IQ Trading. Trade ideas and analysis of major Forex pairs and the DAX

Forex Price Action. Previously unreleased knowledge about the price

LIVE webinars with expert traders Fritz Höfler. A professional trader shows you the LIVE Trading how you can earn money on the stock market regularly

"Simply ACTION" with professional traders Fritz Höfler. Step into the fascinating world of trading.

The exchange Coaching - based on the audited investment strategies of trend following to improve performance in investment strategies

The Dax-Boomerang strategy where the customers can see the statistical ratios of trading strategy before buying

Swing trading signal. The right signals for relaxed swing trading. All trades ever before market opening

DISCLAIMER - Risk Warning

Information on this website is not investment advice or financial analysis. Details and opportunities and risks of all mentioned products can be found in the Broker product documentation. Forex - CFDs- stock trading is associated with a high risk. Do not invest more than your private circumstances permit, since there is a possibility of losing the invested money. to enter the financial market before deciding, you should estimate the investment objectives, experience and risk considerations carefully. Copying the transaction is subject to additional risks of loss of capital.

Stop Loss is an order for closing a previously opened position at a price which the customer brings less profit than the price at the time of order placement. Stop Loss is a limit point that you set in your order. Once this limit point is reached, your order will be closed. Please note that you must comply with certain distances to the current market price in the definition of stop / limit orders. The use of Stop Loss is useful if you want to minimize your losses if the market moves in a non-advantageous for you direction. The points at stoploss always be set at "buy" below the current LETTER-course and "sale" above the current MONEY course.

Demo and Live accounts. Although all of the features and functions of a live account is also available in demo accounts, you should be aware that a simulation can not reflect the real terms of trade on the market. A relevant difference is, that the volume executed by the simulation does not exert any influence on the market. In contrast, real trading volumes have an impact on the market, especially if trading scope is large. The execution speed in real trading accounts is the same as for demo accounts. Moreover, the users can have a very different psychological profile, depending on whether you trade with demo or real accounts. This aspect might affect the running with the demo account evaluation. We advise caution and avoid complacency in relation to any conclusions that are taken from the use of demo accounts.

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